Festival fortnight 3th to 18th July 2015. Lafrowda Day 18th July.
This years theme... La, La, La, La, La, LAFROWDA!!.

Welcome to Lafrowda Festival

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A fortnight of fun-filled activities... quiz's, dance, willow image-making! Something for everyone throughout festival fortnight beginning on Friday 4th July.

Join us for Lafrowda Day on 18th July for processions of willow giants, 2 stages of bands, street theatre, stalls and loads of children’s activities in the Plen an Gwarry.

So get involved for this year's theme. All for free! (see donate button or become a friend!)

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11-Oct-2014 19:15
Oscar Night
18-Jul-2015 12:00
Children's Procession
18-Jul-2015 15:30
Community Procession

A Note from the Chair

Once again the sun shone for Lafrowda and what a great day we had. The music, the processions, the street performers and the food all came together in a near perfect mix. The ambience of the family day in the Plen-an-Gwarry spread out over the squares like an invisible, calming mist with fun and frivolity being the order of the day. Just what was wanted.

So, we are now done for another year and we move on to the next. Lafrowda Festival is recognised as being a ‘model’ festival and a lot has been achieved by a fair number of people to make the festival into what it is now. Along with the many thank-yous to all those involved this year (the volunteers, the performers, the Town Council, the fund raisers and you all), I think a thank-you should also go out to all those who have contributed in the past from when it all started as a one day music festival.

Whatever you do, thank-you for helping with Lafrowda.

We would love to hear from you, so give us some feed back on how we are doing Feedback
Do you enjoy Lafrowda Fortnight? Do you look forward to the family Plen afternoon, the parades, the miles of music and acres of fun on Lafrowda Day? Become a friend of Lafrowda.Lafrowda Organisers

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The Lafrowda Committee would like to say a very sincere thank you to

all our hard working Lafrowda Volunteers

who helped make the Festival Fortnight, Lafrowda Eve and Lafrowda Day itself enjoyable for so many people again this year. You did us so proud! Too many to mention by name here - but you know who you are......
The Festival just wouldn’t happen without you all.
So, if you were one of our enthusiastic Collectors, if you built our brilliant stages and other infrastructure with Mike, if you manned our busy Info Desk , if you helped Beccie and her team with the children’s activities on The Plen (which gets busier every year) or helped Patrick in the Car Park, if you helped Rod sort out the stalls on Lafrowda Day . If you baked cakes for many different events, put up bunting , sold T-shirts or litter-picked. If you helped Kate and her team at the Community Willow Workshops or did the many, many other individual jobs that needed to be done and were done by our lovely Lafrowda Volunteers


We hope to see you all again next year!
Sandra Coak Volunteer Coordinator, Lafrowda Committee

Sandra Coak Volunteer Coordinator, Lafrowda Committee
You can donate by texting LAFR13 £10 to 70070 if you wish to donate £10. You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10.

All the money you donate goes to us and your network provider does not take a %.

Lafrowda Organisers


Please help make the festival be as sucessful as it has in the past by donating or sign up as FoL

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